“You are quite the panglossian individual, you know that?” The woman said rather bitterly as she stared at her companion, both of them tucked away from the raging storm that had engulfed the ravaged city. Ducking into a sturdy building that once housed cheap retail goods, they had found a place to sit while wind and rain battered the ruins.

“So full of hope, so happy, even with everything that has happened. The eternal optimist.” She sighed as he dashed off, watching him root about the shelving for anything that might be left. “This store has been picked clean like all the others and yet still you persist in searching.”

Curling up with her arms around her knees, she laid her head down and sighed. It was getting harder and harder to find supplies as they made their escape from the accursed place. Sometimes when she woke up, she wondered why she even bothered in trying. A call for attention snapped her head up, and she looked down at a pack of jerky, rather covered in dust. Her companion was similarly dusty, wiping at his nose to clear some of the settled debris. With a growl from her stomach, she ripped open the packaging to take a stick, as well as offering one to the finder.

Her dog barked happily and began to gnaw away at the processed treat with as much gusto as she.


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