“Good evening, gentlemen.” The man said with a tip of his hat as he went past the two beggars in the alleyway. With a careful flick of his hand, a pair of one penny pieces landed in front of them.

Even as they scowled, their hands came out to each snatch one of the brown coins up.

“I hate that kind, lording it over us, just because they’ve got a roof over their heads.” The first beggar muttered with a growl, eying the behatted man as he went past.

“Yeah, thinks he’s so grandiose with his mansion.” The other grunted, slipping the penny into the folds of his grimy clothing as he watched that charitable man climb into the chain of large cardboard boxes he shared with his friend.

(Author’s Note – Just a short one today. How I loathe the British Summertime for its effects on my ability to concentrate.)


4 thoughts on “Grandiose

    • Thank you, and glad to hear it! Britain has it’s odd little quirks and own little problems, but I don’t think I’d want to be anywhere else. If you do get to visit, I always recommend the Isle of Wight. It’s like a tiny version of England, but warmer!

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