“Gaia’s Hope Seven is now in stable orbit around Kepler-22b.” The navigation officer announced with a sigh of relief escaping not only her lips, but the lips of everyone in the bridge of the Gaia-class colony ship.

“We’re here, let’s not get sloppy though, we still have a lot of work to do.” The Captain announced after a moment’s pause. “Medical Team, run a full diagnostics of the cryogenic stasis systems. Science Team, I want our satellites deployed in geostationary orbit in a Geo13 pattern along with robotic drones deployed to the planet.”

The Chief Science officer looked over. “I’ll deploy in the manner we discussed in our last planetary reconnaissance mission.”

“Excellent. Engineering Team, how is progress going on the ship diagnostics?”

“We’re about sixty percent done on those, we’re currently testing the mining droids and material processors. The rest of the itinerary should take about five days to finish, and then we can begin any repairs and recalibrations our tests indicated as required.” The woman at the head engineer’s post spoke, her voice quiet.

Over the past few days they had grown quiet as the ship approached their destination. Talking tended to be limited to their pre-arrival discussions and strained smalltalk around the dinner table. In the cryostasis section of the colony ship, half a billion people resided in stasis, from the pre-approved loaded onto each ship to those that were alloted randomly. The pre-approved were selected by the Space Colonization Committee for their skills and knowledge. The randomly alloted would be implanted with neural chips designed to add the needed knowledge to their repertoire.

“Captain Howser, the satellites are launching now. Guide rockets are directing them to their orbital locations. Estimated time to positioning is twenty hours.”

“Alright then. This is the Captain to all crew members, take regular breaks and rest periods. We’ve waited years to get here. We can stand to wait a bit longer if it means not making any mistakes to fatigue.”


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