“What’s that you’ve got there?”

“Oh, this? It’s just a little something I got from a new store in town.”

“Really? It’s cool… what’s it do?”

“You know… I don’t really know. It looks awesome though, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah… Where’s this shop? I might go and pick one up for myself on the way home.”

“Oh, it’s just opened up in town, by the Post Office on the high street.”

“Mmmh. Hey, can we catch up another time? I want to go and see this shop now.”

“Sure, sure. I’ll catch you another time. Probably best  you go now, there was quite a queue forming after I left.”

“Glad I brought my wallet with me today then! Catch you around!”

The small device he held pulsed slightly in his hand, the translucent plastic changing colours from blue to purple. As he walked with his attention rapt on it, it caught the eye of a woman on the street. Her fingers made the symbol to ward off the evil eye, her eyes narrowed and disapproving. The man with the device flinched as it gave a violent surge, colour shifting to a deep black with a malevolent red glow in the center.

Startled, the man dropped it and the woman was there, driving her heel into the device. As it cracked, a mournful wail escaped it, the colours bleeding out onto the ground.

“Urgh, my head… what the hell happ-”

“Where did you get that item?” The woman interrupted him.

“A store by the post office… what was it? Feels like I’ve had a hangover.” The man admitted, rubbing at his temples in an attempt to clear the fog.

“A product of tricksters and malicious folk with a hunger for money: a desideratum. It can look like anything, and lures minds into purchasing it. They then encourage others to. Show me to this store. I need to take care of this right away.”


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