(Author’s Note – The original story I had planned turned out to be one I wasn’t happy with, so have some things to do with the word, one sentence style.)

  1. As the Pathfinder carried on into the late night, one of the more exigent issues to be brought up out-of-character was what kind of take-out they could order to sate their hunger.
  2. The engines of the Aerial Response Carriers shrieked hard as they flew out to the city in peril, pilots pushing the engines hard due to the exigence of the situation.
  3. Thanks to the exigent circumstances clause in the law, Detective Astrid van Bergen had no hesitance in kicking the door in to the apartment she had traced the missing woman’s GPS transmitter to.
  4. While it was an odd site for a man to be running through a supermarket with baby held far from his body, the overpowering smell emitted from the squalling child made the father’s dash entirely justified in exigence.
  5. It was an exigent leap the fencer made from castle window to moat, but the injury he might sustain in that action would far be outweighed being caught mid-thrust with the princess in a different capacity as to why he was hired.

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