It was a job requiring steady hands and a delicate touch, and she had both in abundance. Seated at a table, she wore goggles with built in magnifiers in to focus her vision on the tiny lady seated before her. Using brushes, combs and delicate little slivers of lipstick, she worked tirelessly to apply the make up to Felicity Elmshire, the most popular fairy actress in the world.

“I thought we’d use a golden eyeshadow for this evening, Flick.” The make-up artist said gently, switching to a thin little brush made of carefully shaped down to start applying it. “Seeing as with all luck you’ll be getting your first golden globe.”

“Fingers crossed.” Felicity replied in her piping little songstress voice, her magical nature easily carrying the sound to her make-up artist’s ears. “I’m glad I have you doing this, Marie. My hands are,” she cut off, holding up her trembling left hand.

“So I see… you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

“Even if I’m going up against some of the finest human actresses?” Felicity asked with a little harrumph. “There’s already been slating of me online for being nominated.”

“People on the internet can be idiots. You -deserve- this award. You’re enchanting even without using glamours or spells.” Marie smiled, offering her little finger for the fairy to squeeze.

She did just that, giving a fond smile up at her friend. “Thanks… so, how do I look?”

“A most magnificent mignon madame.” Marie grinned, the alliteration sending Flick into a silvery and  bell-like peal of laughter. “The competition hasn’t got anything on you. Acting or looks-wise.”

With a steady beat of her iridescent wings, Felicity sored up to give Marie a delicate little pat on the cheeks. “Wish me luck?” She asked with a hopeful little voice, her golden eyes bright and intent.

“Luck, Flick. Even if you don’t need it.”


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