“I just don’t know what to do about him,” sighed one father to another at the bar between sips of beer, “I try to teach the boy what’s what, and he just doesn’t listen. He goes off and does what -he- thinks is best, and I’m the one that gets it in the ear. He’s just incorrigible at the moment.”

“Heard of the terrible twos? Sounds like your son’s in the terrible teens. My eldest was like that for a couple of years. He was terrible, upsetting the business when I’d try and get him there helping out, mouthing off when I had business partners at home.”

“How’d you get him to stop? I tried taking his games console away, but he didn’t even seem upset.” The heavy sigh was followed with a long gulp of beer before waggling the glass at the bartender for a refill.

“He just grew out of it. I tried being the cool dad, I tried being the harsh dad, it just didn’t seem to get through. Then one day a few years ago, he just apologised for how he’d been acting, and asked if he could help out with the family business.” The other father smiled, paying for his associates drink. “All I can really recommend is trying to limit the damage. He got any other male relatives that might be able to talk some sense into him? You might be a bit too close. Makes emotions rather raw.”

“There’s always his uncle…” The first man mused, taking his drink with a nod of thanks to both bartender and the purchaser.

“I thought your brother died in that nasty business a decade back?”

“Yeah, I mean my brother-in-law. He’s got a law firm over in New York.”

“Might be worth giving him a call.” The other man spoke, finishing his drink with several long gulps before rising. “Speaking of sons, I’m meeting my eldest soon, so I better get going. Don’t worry about your kid. They sometimes get into all this ‘redeemed demon walking the night doing good’ crap, but before you know it, you’ll be raising hell as father and son.” He grinned, picking up his fiery warhammer from where it had laid against the bar counter.

“I hope so. You take care of yourself, Baphomet.”

“You too, Mephistopheles. Oh, give your wife thanks from mine; that soufflé recipe worked a treat, she said to say.”


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