Bearded and wise-seeming, the old man moved through the great library with singular intent. Shelves held vast tomes of lore and knowledge, fact and fiction resting on the wooden slabs all carefully arranged.

It was not from one of these ordered and indexed books he sought to read from today. He would not be alone in his library for much longer. His young apprentice in the arts had come to visit, and there was a special book he wished to show him for the first time.

His collection of work spanned the years and the world, and a great portion of his accrued wealth had been funneled into building the library up further. Among all others, he was a true cognoscente, well learned in the lore of heroes and the might of magical and martial prowess. And the book he had planned to reveal today was both rare and held fond memories for him.

A hidden latch secreted away behind a shelf let it swing open, revealing a hidden room. Further locks and puzzles awaited the old man. He disarmed them with the ease of one used to doing so over many years and opened up the secure vault to procure a blackened box. Holding the container close to him, he closed up the vault and made his way back to the drawing room, where the young boy waited for him.

“Is that it, Grandfather?” He asked with wonder in his eyes. The old man gave a smile and a nod, settling down on a well-worn chair before opening the box up to remove the material within.

“This is it, dear child. Action Comics 1, the first comic I was ever bought.”


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