The mountain roared as they ran down it, the top of it cracking with a tremendous sound. Even as the Nimble Cat and the Worldly Warrior ran the mountain started to spray molten spittle from its peak, and the cave they had rapidly exit let forth a bellow of flames that scorched the air above them.

“You had to chase that mouse, didn’t you?!” The Worldly Warrior yelled as he slid and scampered down the side of the mountain. His chest was heaving and his thickly muscled arms were drenched with sweat from heat and exertion.

“I have a weakness for rodents, and my aim was not true today.” The Nimble Cat lamented, easily traversing the terrain with languid flowing motions of its four legs.

“Perhaps you may have to give up the title of ‘Nimble’, if we are not caught and scorched by Dormant Mountain.” The Warrior snarled, vaulting over a boulder. A splurt of lava was sent soaring into the air from the top of the mountain, and by the exit a figure garbed in flame could be seen in full tantrum, laying burning arms into the dark rock.

“Apoplectic as she is, I think she has definitely given up her title of Dormant.” The Cat replied, before leaping up onto the Warrior to drape around his neck and broad shoulders. “I am so famished, having not caught my prey. Carry me, Worldly Warrior.”

“You have some nerve!” The reply came, but he did keep running with cat lounging about on his muscled frame.

“GET BACK HERE AND FIX MY VASE, YOU ROTTEN VAGABONDS!” The shriek of fury came from above them as Dormant Active Mountain began to slide down the harsh gradient of the mountain after them, her feet aflame with tides of magma oozing out of the ground behind her.

“Another time, dear Mountain!” The Worldly Warrior called back through his panting breaths as he made great strides to escape. “We have most pressing matters elsewhere, and it is terribly hard to work in such temperatures.”

“ROTTERS! SCOUNDRELS! VANDALS!” Active Mountain bawled, scooping up chunks of now-burning rock to bowl down the mountain at them. Dodging the tumbling boulders easily, the Worldly Warrior was a bit more aggrieved to find them rising up in front of them, melting into the hideous form of Magma Servants.

Nimble Cat scampered down the Worldly Warrior’s back and started to root around one of the pouches on his belt, before slinking around to offer a golden feather to him. “ah fink,” the Cat said with feather in mouth, “itsh time tuh oose this.” It proffered the suggestion.

“An excellent idea, Nimble Cat.” The Warrior agreed, taking the feather in his hand. “I hope we can find another, for if your hungers cause you to break yet more pots and trinkets.”

“Perish the thought.” Nimble Cat mewled, before resuming its lounging position across the Warrior’s shoulders.

“DON’T YOU DARE FLEE FROM MY WRATH!” Active Mountain howled, sweeping her arms up to send a surge of fire down at them.

“We dare!” Came the reply, and the golden feather was snapped in half. As the inferno touched where they were, the nimbus form of a Golden Eagle swooped away from the mountain, its wings carrying it far from the rage of the wronged party.


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