The sound of chaos coming from the music room prompted Mister Bleckley to bolt into it, panicking for his star pupil. What greeted him was not a scene of medically-induced musical cacophony, but of a rising star in violin playing trying desperately to follow the pace of the sheet music.

“Miss Geraldine, whatever is the matter?!” Bleckley exclaimed as he closed the distance, breathing hard from his exertions.

“It’s the sheet music, it’s… take a look!” The young girl gestured after carefully setting her instrument to one side.

As he did so, he noticed the composition had been altered by the addition of a herd of musical notes that should simply not have been there, making the piece almost unplayable and definitely impossible to enjoy.

“I bet my silly brother is playing tricks on me again.” Geraldine harrumphed.

“Oooooh, this. I’ve seen this before.” Bleckley said with a chuckle, taking the sheet. “It was not your brother, Miss Geraldine. They’re simply Minims.”

“I can read notation, I know what they are!”

He gave a quick flick of the sheet, the tiny black musical notes falling off onto the floor. Geraldine let out a squeak of terror as the notes began to dash and dart about on the floor before squirming under the floorboards.

“What… was… what?! What?!”

“Harmless little things really, Miss Geraldine. Minims. Drawn to the sound of music, and they get confused when they come across notations. It’s where we get the name for them from.” Bleckley explained gently, before setting the sheet back down for her. “Pay them no heed, you’ll know for the future. Now, from the top?”


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