With his bags all packed, cameras secured away and tickets to hand, there was just one thing that Michael Bernstein needed to do before leaving for the photoshoot: Activate the safeguard.

Lugging the cases downstairs, he set them by the front door. There was no sign of his taxi yet. In the lounge, he could hear his children watching cartoons. Having spent the whole day entertaining them and saying his goodbyes already, he didn’t want to upset them again by seeing them. Instead he slipped into the kitchen to find Gloria making a little packed dinner for him.

“Hey you.” He smiled, wandering over to give her a tight hug. “Is that one of your coronation chicken sandwiches you’re packing me?”

“Of course it is, love. And some of the cookies our little ones helped to bake.” She replied, nuzzling back against him. “Almost time, right?”

“Yeah, I thought we might as well get it done now before the taxi gets here.”

“Well,” she said as she wriggled out of his arms to wash her hands, “I’ve just finished this, so… it’s only four days this time, right?”

“Four days, yeah. I’ll be back before you know it. Just in time to take the kids to the new sea-life center exhibition.” He spoke as they stepped close to hug, their hands finding the back of their necks. Her finger touched on a tiny spot at the base of his skull as his did the same.

As they exchanged a slow, delicate kiss the device triggered from their fingerprint IDs. He could already feel the idea of slipping his hands up her skirt slip away as the antaphrodisiac took effect. As he pulled away, he rubbed the tip of his nose against hers. “There.”

“There! All set.” She smiled before cuddling up. “I’m glad we got this done. It makes me feel much better about you going off to these porn shoots for work. I know what some of those people can be like.”

“Nothing like a little security. It stopped the arguments after all. No worries about me hooking up with them, or you playing away. And it makes it much easier to concentrate during the shoots.” Michael said, before looking up as he heard a car pull up. “That’ll be the taxi. you take care of yourself and the kids, okay? I’ll call when I get there.”

Handing over the packed meal, Gloria nodded. “Always, hun.” Her fingers scratched at the back of her neck. “Always tingles a little at first, drives me up the wall for a bit.” She pouted, heading with her husband to the door and helping with carrying the cases.

“A bit of discomfort’s worth the peace of mind though, right?”


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