He stood atop a ledge on the cliff known as the End of the World, watching from afar the tiny signs of activity from the town. He was old now, tense muscle tissue now atrophied and skin eroded by time and the elements. Behind him, his tiny shack let out little puffs of smoke from the chimney, the rising clouds swirling as a figure came near.

She was flawless, her skin possessing an ethereal luminosity and her form wrapped in pristine white cloth, as opposed to his tattered robes of black.

“Yet again I find you here on your eyrie, watching them work.” She said with smile audible in her voice.

“Is it a crime to watch your creations go about their existence?” He replied, gruff as always.

“No, but you would have a much better view if you were to move closer, or even walk among them.” Reaching for his forehead, she gave a gentle tug, pulling the mirage of the old man away to reveal an eternally youthful, serious face. With a disgruntled little sound, he guided her hand away and covered himself up again. “Oh, you are just being childish now.”

“No, I am not.” He said, before gesturing down at a building sight. “They are building some form of large container, to preserve food for the winter months and protect against spoilage.”

She leaned in to peer, blemish-free brow creasing slightly in concentration. “So they are. Though I wonder as to why?”

“Because they are growing wise, Sister. Learning from their mistakes as I have. To walk among them would be tempting me to interfere to ‘help’. All that would breed is reliance.”

“Doesn’t it hurt though? To watch from afar and be helpless when you could save them?” She said with some amusement at his logic, shaking her head softly. In her domain, she worked with her people to care and guide them.

“Of course. I fought hard for my domain, and I did terrible things to ensure it would stay secure. I cannot wash the blood of my fellows off from my hands though, and I would not wish to taint them with my blemished soul.” Fending off a hand again from his sister, he relented and shed his guise to stand besides her, skin possessing the same quality of inner light. “Besides, they do not think as we do.”

“Of course they do not. We are gods, they are but insects.”

“Only for now.” He said, before gesturing at the ground. With a wave of his hand, he imprinted several odd images on the ground. “What is this?”

“I have no idea, Brother.”

He laughed, a hollow and slightly bitter one. “See, not only does our presence blind us, but theirs blinds us. They call this writing. It conveys ideas without speaking, to be learned whenever they wish to come back to it. And with it, they will grow in ways I cannot comprehend until they tower over us.”

“Are you sure that is wise, Brother? Could they not become dangers to us?” She warned, eying the settlement below warily.

“In time, perhaps. But I am not going to make that decision for them, and you are not either. Just consider what I have said, when it comes to your own domain.” He asked hopefully, before slipping back into his old disguise.

“Perhaps I shall.” Came the reply before with a rush of air she was away, soaring back to her own land and leaving her brother to observe.



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