(Author’s note – When hot temperatures and words that just don’t inspire stories come from your two sources (Shylock and Damask) there’s only one thing for it: Find another word of the day!)

The Demiurge being executed was not a bad event. In fact, it was a most wonderous thing; the culmination of decades of work. With its grasp around the barren planet now secure it began to work through the calls given to it. Across the weave of terraforming units it issued its minions, machines of various size to sculpt and shape the world from the highest mountain to the very elements.

It would not just be a recreation of Earth. With the power of the Demiurge, they could institute whole new paradigms. And so the Demiurge laid the groundwork as dictated to it by the Instigators, it laid the hopes of a new step for humanity. One realizing the theory of free energy transmission to manipulator units, controls issued by those who simply willed it to be so.

The Demiurge, through the vessel of Mars, would give humanity the one thing that had eluded them: Magic.

Elements became formations. Formations became landscapes. Landscapes became continents and through those continents the Genesis occurred. Animals of wondrous creative design, to help provide all that was needed for the rebirth of humanity.

The Instigators fell to arguing while the Demiurge continued is work. The Artificing was taking place now, constructing the machines that would aid the new paradigm.

It was meddled with by the Arguers, inserting Calls with little regard for the Initial Concept. Fierce weapons were forged, armadas built and bunkers born from the soil.

All the while, the Demiurge continued its work, caring little for that beyond its remit. Even with Conflict brought to Mars, it continued to function. The Arguers and the Instigators continued their meddling, their methods becoming more barbaric. The Conflict had spread to Moon and Earth and the Void.

The Demiurge did not care for their squabbles, and when their end came at their own hands, the Demiurge was given its last orders by the dying remnants of the hands that crafted it. And so the Demiurge blossomed, and its offspring traveled to their final destinations before the Demiurge fell to slumber.

The Seed of Hope fell to Earth to begin its rebirth.

The Seed of Knowledge fell to the Moon, ready to store the wisdom of the past.

The Seed of Wisdom would restart the Genesis, and fell back to Mars.

The final Seed was of the Arguers design, and its effects would not be known for centuries.

It was the Seed of Heresy.


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