The Plangent Accident

As the sun was just dipping its toes into the horizon, casting a blazing orange across the sea, a black steel beast purred throatily along the coastal road. Its rider, clad in just jeans and a t-shirt, soaked up the evening light. For the moment the tarmac path he followed was a long straight running parallel to the beach, and the salt-tang air caught in his hair as it swept in from across the ocean.

He was young, carefree, and definitely invincible. The natural curiosity of a boy with the vigor and strength of a man, topped off with the bravado of a teenager gave him little fear of what might be or could become. All he cared for was the road, the view and the ride.

It began slowly at first, a sound that made the heart feel heavy. It was just about perceptible over engine growls and catalytic roars, something that just caught in the curves of the air above the wind and tugged insistently at the corner of his eye, drawing his view out to sea.

His vision danced from road to waves, each glance bringing him a little more revelation. There was someone out there. A lonely someone, whose song was full of mourning and unfulfilled dreams. The ocean began to encroach over the sands, drawing closer to the cliff-line that held the road above it.

The glances became looks, and they in turn became longing staring, the soaring highs and sullen counterpoint of lows leeching concentration away. There was a stiffness that seized in his neck when he tried to turn away, and it was not long before he laid eyes on her, a beautiful maiden whose tears ran freely down her face. He reached out to her.

The bike’s front tire clipped the barrier, violently throwing its rider off into the foaming waves lapping at the land below. He struggled against the rip current, his legs growing heavy as his jeans soaked up the brine. His head swam from his dismount. He fought and battled the lure of the ocean valiantly, breath soon coming in ragged gasps as he was overpowered.

The water beckoned, pulling him in.

The song had stopped.

Silken arms glistening with water slipped around his torso. The embrace was light, almost flirtatious, with lingering fingers stroking against his skin as he was brought up for air. Each gulp was welcome relief for his burning lungs, the setting sun blazing defiantly behind him. He could finally speak.

“Th-thanks… for saving me.” The words came tumbling from his lips with a grateful smile.

The returning one drained the warmth from his feeling. Cold, wet lips were pressed against his, before a powerful kick of her legs plunged him back into the water and towards his fate.

Motorcyclist Missing at ‘Siren’s Bend’

Police confirm identity of missing motorcyclist, bike found at infamous accident blackspot on the coast road.  21 year old William Jacobson’s bike was found against the safety barriers with considerable damage done to it late on Friday evening. The local coastguard was called, but the search for the motorcyclist was called off on Saturday evening, citing the powerful rip current near that area and experience of similar cases as the reason. Police have advised motorcyclists and motorists to pay extra care and attention on the road, with numerous accidents there over the years, despite numerous attempts to make the route safer.


(Author’s Note – A double word of the day today, from Merriam-Webster and Wiktionary. I was honestly struggling with M-W’s Accident until I stumbled across the other, and like always, it all fell into place.)


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