Through the shadows of the castle town the slender figure slinked and skulked, crossing cobblestoned streets and slate-clad roofs like they were no obstacle at all. With graceful speed, they vaulted gaps in the rooftops and scurried over walls. They caressed the shadows like a familiar lover, gently brushing through and across them away from the prying eyes of guards and late night revelers, always discrete.

Drawing closer to the keep, the living shadow began to skitter up the walls with simian agility, fingers instinctively finding places to grip, and toes darting into ridges to provide support. Peeking over the top of the wall and finding it lacking supervision, the intruder slid over and sprung onto silent soles. The torchlight, meant to provide sight and security, proved to be a boon for the wily wanderer. Light casts shadows, and shadows provide passage.

Through the long pillars of black cast by objects and torchlight, they made their way to the tower, and boded their time crouched and tucked away from the sweeping eyes of those entrusted to surveil. With the timing down, they found the chink in the patrol and sprung, scurrying up the works of artesian architects and through the window. Glinting in the moonlight, with a delicate blush cast across it from the lanterns and torches of the town, the Crown Prince’s circlet slept on a pillow of royal purple silk.

Slender fingers caressed the white gold, before being caught by a more masculine hand. She was pulled back and pressed onto the bed, breath hot on her neck.

“You were expecting me?” She said with an arch little chuckle coming from the back of her throat.

“Always, my love.” The Crown Prince said fondly, nuzzling his nose against the back of her neck. “Though you know, you don’t have to skulk and sneak just to see me. We are to be wed soon.”

“Oh, I know.” The future Crown Princess smiled, stretching out languidly on the bed as her hands drew her fianc√© closer. “But while I will soon be your wife, I will always be the thief of your heart.”


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