Satiety (A Word of the Day Story)

The Hungry Worm was little at first, as were all things in the beginning. It could not eat that which was bigger than itself, but it found things of a similar size to it. With growing glee it ate, sampling a little of this and a little of that.

The Hungry Worm grew as it ate, and ate as it grew. Its limited pallet expanded in proportion with its size. From atoms to particles and particles to dust, it sampled more and more. The larger its meal, the more complex its tastes.

The Hungry Worm was never full, its hunger could not be diminished. As it grew, and its pallet grew, it seemed like the hunger did too. Something much smaller than itself would not temper the grumbling in its tract, only the equal.

The Hungry Worm grew and grew, snacks becoming meals becoming banquets becoming feasts. Dining on a scale unimaginable by the other animals and those that considered itself beyond animals. All it cared for was eating.

The Hungry Worm soon grew beyond one planet, and plucked the Moon from its orbit like an apple from its tree. The other planets and their moons made excellent treats, but as soon as one had been consumed, it was soon forgotten.

The Hungry Worm roamed from system to galaxy, from galaxy to constellation, and from constellation to beyond. The universe was its platter, and all contained within its canapés. It was always the gourmet, and growing gargantuan.

The Hungry Worm had cleared the platter, and with that empty it left itself to eat. Too big to be swallowed as a vol au vent, it nibbled and gorged on the whole that it was. With suckling and slurping, it was its biggest meal yet.

Finally having feasted, the Hungry Worm was done, no matter was left except for itself. “I’ve eaten from proton to planet and star, but still I am hungry and new food is now far.” But the worm was wily and spotted its tail, the last feast in the verse and the only of avail. Curling in circles it started to chew, ingesting its body and thinking its stew. More and more of its length it did eat, savouring its flavour, it was what it eats. As its length was diminished it vanished in its depths, soon little was visible except the head of itself.

The Hungry Worm vanished as it ate its last bite, bursting its seams as its stomach shined bright. “Finally full, the end is in sight, in satiety I’ll burn up into blinding light. Once more the feast will start yet again, working my way up to the last course, the end.”

Author’s Note – A very different entry today. Bit of an odd one, but you gotta take what one word inspiration offers.


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