Nervous Discharge

He was in the shopping centre stood between a bookstore and a female fashion chain when it started to creep over him. From churning in his stomach came the tingling sensation that spread up his chest and down his legs. Jerking his weak-feeling limbs into motion, he staggered away from the stores towards the exit of the complex. It had spread to his hands now, and it felt like a static charge building up in his palms and his fingers. He flexed them, trying to shake away the sensations that were running through him. As it prickled across his forehead, sweat followed. His lungs felt light and ineffectual, and the world started to seem like a brighter place.

Another churn of his stomach made his body lurch, feet giving way under him. All eyes shot to him as he fell, his perception of time slowing to bathe him in the glances and stares from the surrounding public. His throat gulped tightly. It was going to happen. As man collided with floor, an arc of lightning blasted skywards from his back, before the following crack of thunder made him cry out and others flinch. Limbs trembling with spasms, it took all he could muster to start getting up.

‘You’re so silly, you know?’ A young girl’s voice came from besides him. Looking over to her, his eyes followed the direction she was pointing in, to a wall with a sleek, metallic bar mounted to it. A sign above notified him of its purpose, and he felt rather silly for missing it.

‘Didn’t your mummy tell you that’s where we discharge if we have to?’ She asked, hands on hips and looking as stern as she could.

‘Sorry… I just forget when I get nervous.’


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