The Fuchsia Hourglass

It was an old shop that sat there long abandoned and long forgotten about. It became part of the backdrop of the city; something people walked past without thinking. It was this that made it ideal. At one moment of time, it may have been day or night of any season, the wind blew change in. Soft sands of pastel shades, blues and reds and purples all swirling in the breeze settled into the building. It danced across the floors and swept across the ceilings. Lilacs caressed the wood as violets brushed the windows clean. The colours, coming together to that one shade, worked their magic.

It was an old shop. Except it wasn’t any more. Where the sands went, they shifted purpose and recollection. Shop front windows became bay windows, counters behind there being shaped into chairs and tables. As the coarse particles and softer granules swirled inside, it became something more.

‘Hey,’ a man got the sudden idea, ‘lets go to that restaurant you love.’ The smile from his wife made his day.

‘It’s been there for years, I really should go in again sometime soon.’ An old woman said to her friend as the bus drove past.

‘I think they hire from elsewhere, never see a vacancy sign.’ A jobseeker sighed as he saw the advert in the paper.

The sand settled on the tables. It settled in the kitchen. It rested between the drapes and around the toilets. Heeding a soft tone of gratitude the piles started to shift once more, whirling into the centre of the restaurant. They whirled around a large table, set for seven, in a circular motion. The sand forged a sphere over them, and the sphere solidified into opaque glass. A clap of the hands sent it shattering, and there they sat. The woman. The head chef. Two other chefs. A waiter. A barman. A maitre d’.

The woman smiled, her eyes wise with age and her skin soft with youth. Sat on the table in front of them was their symbol, an ornate hourglass filled with fuchsia sand. It was represented on the sign to the restaurant, hanging out into the street. The Fuchsia Hourglass was open for business, as it always was and always had been.

– A little story to do with a character I’m creating in the MMORPG, City of Heroes.


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