It had settled into her head quite comfortably. Weaving its way around her brain it soon began on directing her actions. The little prodromes of possession had been brushed aside, misattributed to various external factors; just another part of the arsenal of the megrim.

The little cravings for certain foods, the snippy temper, and even the longer lay ins had all been falsely rationalized and glossed over in the way only the beautiful, adaptable human mind could. Its egg had already been planted, and now it was just time to make its escape. As she sat watching television, it started to move its essence down her optical nerves.

The top of the TV begun its shifting, gaining jagged battlement ridges along the case. Churning away inside her left eyeball, it drew its ephemeral tail down the pathways. The concentrated presence of it there made her wince, a sharp pain throbbing behind her eyeball steadily as the tail writhed its way after the rest of its form. And then it was all there, and free.

The wave of nausea that passed over her made her curl up, every sound amplified and the lights of the room becoming incandescent. The stabbing pain behind her eye moved like a flash across her brain, synapses reacting to the surge of energy that pushed it out through the pupil to float away after its next host.

Stumbling over to the lightswitch, a quick flick with her finger plunged the room into partial darkness. Then it was just the remote to grab, shutting the TV onto standby. The absence of stimuli brought peace to her overstimulated senses; leaving her free to lay on the floor and hope for the strength or an abating of symptoms to let her grab some painkillers, all too unaware of the egg left to gestate in her visual cortex.

– Today’s Word of the Day at the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary is Megrim, a noun that has the meanings of migraine, vertigo/dizziness or fancy/whim or low spirits. It also sounded ever so slightly alien. I took that and ran with it.

Try not to think about this the next time you get a migraine…


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