They were lined up for observing. Row after row of synthetic hearts, beating away inside sterile test chambers, a blood analogue simulating flow rates and pressure as to be expected with standard use. He didn’t like this part of his job. Something about the sight of organ after organ pumping away made him think intently about his own heartbeat. He’d lay awake at night after a shift in the testing unit, listening and feeling for any irregularities in the steady thump coming from under his ribs.

Each one had a rigorous cycle of situations to work through. At rest, light activity, strenuous activity, and then tests at the highest and lowest BPM. Data was fed through microprocessors connected to sensor devices in the chambers and valves to terminal screens, recording variables and a whole barrage of numbers to be analysed.

SureHeart Augmetics prided themselves on being the first-to-market when it came to artificial hearts. Some of their competitors had faltered early on, with degeneration of synthetic muscle tissue leading to weakened hearts prone to failure. The press details always made note of their thirty year guarentee when it came to their products. Some competitors could only offer ten. The customer paid a premium, but they always pointed out that one heart every thirty years was cheaper than six lower priced ones.

They had to be tested though. Those that faltered due to faulty pacemaker software were altered and retested. The units that were irregular in pressure had their valve flow control systems tweaked. Eroded synthetic muscle, on the other hand, was not tolerated. They were stripped down, with every single trace of muscle tissue incinerated.

‘SureHeart’s beat smart’, after all.

My first Three Word Wednesday offering (even though it’s Thursday now.) Today’s words were Erode, Heart and Observe. After writing All The Better To See You With, I thought I’d use the theme of artificial organs again.


6 thoughts on “SureHeart

    • Thank you! When it comes to Sci-Fi, I try to approach things from an everyday viewpoint. Cybernetic hearts are cool and all, but with the words given I considered what actually goes into each one. PC components are tested for failure, car parts are tested for failure, food is tested, so something has to be there to make sure someone’s heart doesn’t decide to crash on them.

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